How To Remove Hard Drive From Your Dell Laptop?

04 Oct

Dell is responsible for providing one of the most resilient laptops in the market. They are the pioneers in the industry who have defined the youth market in the broadest sense. Since, the significant brand primarily target to the youth, therefore, there are queries related to that very often. Youngsters are always into exploring new features, settings and much more that generally people are not aware of. While doing so, hard drive is a major factor in terms of storage and OS.

Hard drives are a very crucial part of any laptop as it contains all the files, folders and operating system that make your computer run. As suggested by the Dell Service Centre, you want to replace or update your drive with a new one then it becomes necessary to remove your hard drive from the device.

Removal Methods Of Hard Drive From Your Dell Laptop:

Method 1

Start with shutting down your laptop and remove all the cables attached to it. Next, turn the device upside down, keeping the front of the computer facing opposite you.

Method 2

Now, locate the hard drive. It is typically located on the upside-down, right side of the laptop close to the LCD clasping end. Remove the two or four screws (depending on the model) securing the hard drive to hold on to the device.

Method 3

Now, slide the hard drive out of the system using your thumb and fingers slowly and remove it from the hard drive bracket cover.

Method 4

Be careful with the drive and place the hard drive in a static-free bag while storing.

Method 5

In case, you wish to reinstall a hard drive, you can simply reverse the methods given above and you will be done with the upgrading process. If you are upgrading another drive to your laptop, you will have to remove the drive bracket from your old drive and install it on the new drive.

The hard drive removal process is not all that complicated as it seems like. In case of any further information regarding the matter or anything related to your PC and laptop, you can contact our expert Dell laptop repair Sydney. We are here to give you any assistance you require at any point of the day, we are available 24*7, all 365 days.

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